How Facebook's Messager App Affects You (And Your Privacy)

Aug 7, 2014

Credit Facebook

On July 28, Facebook announced they would stop allowing messaging in their iPhone and Android apps and are requiring those who want to message to download a standalone app. Murray State Lecturer and Facebook Specialist Elizabeth Thomas visits Sounds Good to discuss what Facebook is doing about messaging and how it's latest advertising strategy affects businesses and consumers.

Facebook began requiring European users to download the Messanger App to some success in April. Despite some complaints about privacy it has been downloaded worldwide over one-billion times. Facebook claims the new app has 20% faster delivery for those interested in messaging. The new app is only available for iPhone and Android (so far). Elizabeth Thomas speculates that this is Facebook's move towards competing head-to-head with Google's Gmail service.

Elizabeth Thomas on Sounds Good

Facebook uses targeting ad messaging to financial success. Roughly 40% have reported they have made a purchase as a result of a Facebook post. Their advertising income is generated by "boost" posts and "follow" ads, which are still the best advertising dollar in town, Thomas says, a substantial discount compared to television advertising.