House Floor Leader Calls For Private Meetings on Tax Reform

Feb 6, 2014

Republican Kentucky House Floor Leader Jeff Hoover says it's important that a committee of lawmakers work on tax reform in private, without public access to the meetings.

When Gov. Steve Beshear unveiled his $210 million tax reform plan this week, he said he wanted lawmakers to get to work on a compromise.

Hoover wants to create a committee of House and Senate leadership to do just that, but behind closed doors and not subject to open meetings laws.

“I do not think it sacrifices transparency. What I think it does is quickens the process, and then when you get the framework established, then you come back in committee and it’s totally open and totally transparent,” said Hoover.

Hoover also contends closed-door meetings will be more efficient.

“I’m not so much worried about immediate political consequences if you have an open meeting, you know, to start with,” said Hoover. “My concern is all the different groups that are affected based on what the governor has proposed, it would be difficult to get through all of that in a regular open meeting.”

If the plan is unsuccessful, a bill will be unveiled for a public review in the General Assembly.