House and Senate Budgets Differ

Frankfort, KY – The Kentucky Senate has approved a two year budget plan. It's vastly different from the budget approved in the house. The senate budget eliminates hundreds of millions of dollars in borrowing for school and water projects. In an emotional explanation on the Senate floor, budget committee chair Bob Leeper explained taking on additional debt was a bad idea

"To do sensible spending, to not try to do all the things we all like to do that burden us in future years."

The senate plan cuts funding for public schools but restores two instructional days cut by the house budget. Medicaid funding is also reduced. Health and Welfare committee chair Julie Denton says it could mean a reduction of Medicaid services, but no one would be cut from the Medicaid rolls. Louisville senator Tim Shaughnessy says the Governor needs some options.

"That's out message to everyone throughout the commonwealth, Do more with less and we will give you the flexibility to do that now it's important that we give that same perspective to the governor."

The house will probably reject the senate changes. Members from both bodies will likely negotiate a compromise budget in conference committee.