Hopkinsville Theatre Meets Fundraising Goal for Digital Projector

Jun 24, 2013

Credit cinematreasures.org

Hopkinsville’s Alhambra Theatre will begin showing movies again this fall, thanks to a successful fundraiser. The Alhambra raised $36,000 for a digital projection system and a new screen.

Donations included $15,000 from the city of Hopkinsville and $5,000 from the Christian County Fiscal Court.

Pennyroyal Arts Council Executive Director Margaret Prim said the theatre will show movies as special events, rather than daily programming.

“We have quite a lot of activity in the theatre as it is,” Prim said. “We do a big educational series each year of about eight shows. We do a live series, the Arts Council does, with six shows. We’ve got local theatre groups that book the theatre for their regional productions. So it’ll be more events, you know, an Alfred Hitchcock weekend or classic movie weekend.”

The Alhambra opened on May 28, 1928, for both live stage shows and silent movies. Admission was 75 cents. Prim said she expects the theatre to start showing movies by October.