Hopkinsville City Council Discusses Alcohol Ordinance

May 9, 2013

Credit hoptown.org

Hopkinsville City Council decided to bench a discussion this week regarding the city's alcohol ordinance. Much of the council's discussion focused on forcing bars within the city to close at 1 am. Currently, downtown bars are forced to stop serving alcohol at 1 am but can stay open later to allow patrons time to leave. City Chief Financial Officer Robert Martin said the council proposed forcing businesses to close at 1:30 to reduce incidences of public disturbances.

“The police would get quite a few calls from services two or three o’clock in the morning of people still there at those places of business so that was the reason why the police department requested that we actually have in the ordinance that those places have to actually close down at a certain hour," said Martin.

Martin said council members also suggested lifting the restrictions on allowing establishments to serve alcohol outside the 14-block downtown district. Martin said the proposal needs more public comment before the council makes a final decision at its next meeting May 21.