Hopkins County Residents Complain of Damaging Donovan Blasts

Jan 15, 2013

Credit wikipedia

Some southern Hopkins County residents are complaining about blasts from an explosives company that they say are shaking and damaging their homes. Donovan Commercial Industries manufactures explosives and disposes of them for the military. Judge-executive Donnie Carroll says even though the homes are far from the plant, he has received calls about residents’ photos falling off their walls as result of the blasts.

“This is out in the country. It’s not located close to any home that I’m aware of. But the blast is being felt you know from several miles away,” Carroll says.

Carroll says Donovan contends that what the residents are just feeling air from the blast.

“When it’s overcast and heavy clouds, the vibration is a lot more and it does a lot more shaking because it’s not allowed to get out into the atmosphere,” Carroll says about Donovan’s explanation.

The state is conducting seismographic testing to see if the blasts are actually moving the ground. The explosives company has not returned any calls regarding how it is addressing the complaints.