Hoover: We Will Take Up Pro-Life Legislation

Dec 9, 2016

Credit LRC Public Information

Republican members of the Kentucky House are huddled in Bowling Green for the final day of a retreat ahead of the 2017 General Assembly.  

The 64 GOP members plan to use their new majority status to pass bills that have historically been blocked by Democrats.  While the session will focus largely on economic policies, House Speaker-Elect Jeff Hoover said lawmakers will take up at least one social issue.

"We will take up a pro-life bill for sure.  We're a very strong pro-life caucus and I fully expect to have at least one pro-life bill." The Senate approved a bill in this year’s session that would have required a doctor to display ultrasound images and describe those images to a woman prior to having an abortion.   Lawmakers in the past have also considered legislation to have women receive face-to-face medical consultation 24 hours before having an abortion.  Both bills failed to clear the House when Democrats were in control.