Honeywell to Continue Maintenance Shutdown for NRC Meeting

Jun 25, 2012

Honeywell officials released more information today about why the Metropolis plant’s reopening has been pushed back. The company had planned to restart nuclear fuel production July 1.

 In a statement to employees released today, plant manager Larry Smith said the company will meet with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission the week of July 9. Representatives will discuss the plant’s disaster preparedness inspection. The NRC recently conducted preparedness reviews of all U-S nuclear facilities. Smith said more information about the restart will be released after that meeting. He said some employees are continuing to work at the plant, and others will be recalled as needed. USW Local 7-669 president Stephen Lech said the review is not related to the maintenance shutdown. He says it is unfortunate that Honeywell has not recalled union workers and that the union must continue to rely on unemployment.