Homes Destroyed by Flash Floods in Stewart County, TN

Apr 30, 2013

Credit Stewart County Sheriff's Office

Flash floods destroyed more than two dozen homes in the Dover, Tenn. area this weekend.

Stewart County Emergency Management Agency Director Clint Mathis estimates around $2 million in damage to Stewart County residences. Mathis said the majority of the damage occurred in the Carlisle community. He said the displaced residents are receiving aid at area churches.

Mathis said along with the flooded homes, the county’s road network was also “severely impacted.”

"We should have about 25 roads in the county now that are closed," Mathis said. "We have some roads that have had temporary repairs made to get them open and accessible, but that's going to be a long term recovery on the roads before we get those fully operational."

Mathis said that no one was seriously injured by the flood, but around 20 homes are currently inaccessible due to high water. The EMA will be going in by boat and specialized vehicle to check on those homes and residents today.