Holliday at Work

Kentucky Public Radio?s Tony McVeigh has the details.

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky's new Commissioner of Education is on the job, and the man to whom he will be answering has won a third term as chairman of the state school board. Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh has details.

Terry Holliday says he's in Frankfort and looking forward to working with others to help all children become productive citizens. The state's new education commissioner says he's already spoken with over 20 local superintendents. "I've talked with representatives of school-based councils, KESA, KEA, KASA, KSBA, the Prichard Committee, Southern Association and many more alphabet groups!"

Holliday, who attended his first state school board meeting since his hiring in mid-July, says he will travel the state in coming weeks to visit local school districts. In other action, Joe Brothers was elected to a third term as head of the state school board. C. B. Akins and Dorie Combs were elected vice-chairs.