Hinkleville Road Zoning Changes

Jun 13, 2013

Credit paducahtransit.com

Three parcels of land off Hinkleville Road in Paducah housing an elementary school and two churches could undergo a zoning change that would make their operations easier.

City Planning Director Steve Ervin says the city’s planning department initiated the switch from Residential 1 to Highway Business District for Concord Elementary School, Olivet Baptist Church and Concord United Methodist Church.

“Now for instance if the church wants to expand their parking or get a sign they are required to get a conditional use permit from the Board of Adjustment, requires a public hearing and going before two boards,” Ervin says. “When this change happens it will be just sideplan approval through the City of Paducah without having to get board approvals just like the adjacent properties that are already zoned business.”

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing about the changes Monday in Commission Chambers. Ervin says the city will take recommendations from the Planning Commission, then write and pass an ordinance to finalize the changes.