Hemp, Medi-Share Bills Become Law

Apr 5, 2013

Credit wikimedia.com

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is allowing a bill regulating hemp in Kentucky to become law without his signature.

Supporters of Senate Bill 50 were concerned that the Governor might veto the bill after he continually expressed concerns that law enforcement groups had with the bill.

But those concerns apparently weren't enough to veto the bill, as the governor says he will let it become law.

The bill allows the Department of Agriculture and Industrial Hemp Commission to issue licenses to grow hemp if a federal ban is lifted. It also allows the Kentucky State Police to do background checks on license applications.

The measure was the chief legislative priority of Agriculture Comer James Comer, who says he will now push the federal government for a waiver to allow hemp farming in the commonwealth.

The governor also signed a bill into law that would allow a Christian health sharing organization re-start its business in Kentucky.