Heating Subsidy Program Could See Cuts for Crisis Element

Nov 28, 2013

Credit https://liheap.dpw.state.pa.us/

The crisis element of the Low Income Heating Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, could face a five percent cut, lessening the aid for people in need during the coldest months of the year.

Community Action Kentucky Energy Program Director Mike Moynahan said LIHEAP faced a five percent cut last year because of sequestration, and it is unclear if it will face more cuts this year. He said he’ll know if the program faces the same cut it did last year in December. But, Moynahan said that’s not his biggest concern.

“The issue we’ve got going on is some of the bulk fuels the prices have gone up, so they’re going to be more expensive. And then of course the LIHEAP benefits themselves are going to be relatively the same as far as the dollar amount that people should expect to get,” he said. “So that’s concerning. So it’s not going to go as far as it went in past years.”

LIHEAP’s subsidy program runs until Dec. 19 and did not face any cuts this year. Moynahan said Community Action Kentucky serves around 100,000 families in the subsidy program.

LIHEAP’s crisis component begins Jan. 13 and runs through March 31.