Heath Wins Ky. District 2 State House Seat

Nov 6, 2012

Credit WKMS

Graves County Republican Richard Heath has won Kentucky's 2 district state house seat. The second district includes all of Graves county and southern McCracken.  Heath beat democrat Kelly Whitaker with 54 point 8 percent of the vote. Whitaker lost with 45 point 2 percent of the vote but says she ran a good campaign. She says,

“This is not the results that I had planned on or hoped for, and we may have lost this race but we’re definitely not defeated. I’m extremely proud of all my supporters, and the campaign that we have run has maintained a positive approach and we have not been negative at all.”

Heath has a different opinion about his opponent’s campaign during the race that had no clear winner leading up to Election Day. He says,

“There were several points in the race here in the last few weeks that I wasn’t sure how it was going to go down. I know the last poll that I heard about a week ago it was neck and neck and I knew it could go either way. A lot of mudslinging going on, a lot of negative ads, and I thought I don’t know if I can overcome all that or not.”

But overcome it he did. Heath says he plans to focus on passing  a bill requiring an ultrasound for mothers contemplating abortion, and adequately funding the pension plan that he says he would opt out of.