Heat Advisory Prompts Friday Night Football Cancellations/Delays

Aug 22, 2014

Credit murraystate.edu

Many high school football teams are looking to cancel or shift start times of their games tonight as temperatures remain in the mid to upper 90's and heat indices hover near 100. 

Kentucky High School Athletic Association regulations require schools to stop games and all activity if the index is above 99.

National Weather Service Meteorologist David Humphrey says gameplay could be permitted later in the evening as the index is expected to drop below 100 after 7pm, but would still hover around 95 degrees.  KHSAA rules require mandatory time-outs every quarter if the heat index is above 80 degrees and 10 minute breaks every 30 minutes if above 95.

Humphrey says the heat and humidity could bring isolated thunderstorms throughout the weekend, but that chance significantly increases as a cold front moves in the middle of next week.  A heat advisory remains in effect through Tuesday for our region.