HEARTH Grants Help Kentucky Homeless

Murray, Ky – The Kentucky Housing Corporation has announced stimulus fund grant money to help fight homelessness in the commonwealth. The money is distributed through the Kentucky's Housing and Emergency Assistance Reaching the Homeless, or HEARTH, program. Recipients in western Kentucky include two organizations that had previously lost funding. The Gentry House of Murray and the Hopkinsville Salvation Army didn't qualify this year for state-allocated Emergency Shelter Grants, and they've had to scrounge for other revenue sources. Gentry House Case Manager Wendy Lovett says the HEARTH money is a bonus.

"56,000 dollars over three years. We can try to spread it out over three years or if we see the need, we can use it in two years or even one year. We're not limited, whereas before we tried to keep it to two or three people a month."

The Hopkinsville Salvation Army will get 72,000 dollars to use toward homeless assistance. Statewide, HEARTH has allocated over eleven million dollars to 47 projects.