Head of Kentucky Council of Churches retires

Frankfort, KY – The woman who heads the Kentucky Council of Churches retires next month. The Reverend Nancy Jo Kemper began her tenure in the summer of 1991. After spending much of her early career in the pulpit, Kemper admits, she didn't know what to expect in her new position. In recent years, the Reverend has spent a lot of time in Frankfort, where she became a leading lobbyist. In a conversation with Kentucky Public Radio's Stu Johnson, Kemper says she never got the impression at the state capitol it's wrong to mix politics and religion.

Nancy Jo Kemper hopes to devote much of retirement to moving in a different direction, saying she's tired of being pegged as somebody who's always against something. Kemper says it's been hard being tagged as the anti-casino person, because she was only really interested in economic justice. The Reverend Marian McClure Taylor of Louisville will succeed Kemper.