Harmon Files Concealed Carry Bill

Frankfort, KY – Republican State Representative Mike Harmon has filed a bill allowing Kentucky residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit.

The legislation would also prohibit employers from having no-firearms policies that apply to buildings or parking areas. It also prevents them from disciplining employees who have firearms in their vehicles or use them for self-defense.

Harmon says certain restrictions to carrying conceal weapons will still apply to schools and judicial areas, but the bill is about securing Second Amendment rights. He says,

"I do believe it's a self-defense issue. It's one of those things where obviously someone can transport a firearm, but if they have it in a car and they pull up somewhere and park it puts them in a position where they can't transport that so when they get home or go somewhere else it's difficult to have it with them."

State law already allows for individuals to openly carry firearms in most public places, including the state capitol in Frankfort. The bill failed to receive a vote in committee last year, but Harmon is confident it can pass the Democratic-controlled House.