Grow Trigg Turns in Petition

Cadiz, KY – Trigg County residents are one step closer to voting on whether or not to end prohibition. Grow Trigg Chairman Ken Culwell turned in a petition requesting a referendum on alcohol sales this morning at Trigg Circuit Court. The group acquired 1,851 signatures during a 90-day period. After the court verifies that at least 1,655 signatures are valid, Judge-Executive Stan Humphries will set a date for a local option. Group spokesperson Linda Humbert says the vote will take place between September 13th and October 13th. Humbert says Grow Trigg expects to open a headquarters on Main Street in the next couple weeks. Associate Chairman of anti-alcohol group Trigg Citizens against Alcohol Archie Brock says the organization plans to meet July 30th at the Calvary Baptist Church to regroup. He says his members are urging citizens to vote against alcohol sales this fall.