Grimes Wins Secretary of State

Nov 9, 2011

Frankfort, KY – Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes has defeated Republican Bill Johnson in the race to become Kentucky's new Secretary of State. Grimes received 60 percent of the vote. She is a Lexington lawyer and the daughter of former state Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Lundergan. Much of her campaign focus was on her opposition of voter photo id laws and address requirements.

"Making sure all Kentuckians' voices are heard whether they live in Park Plaza, on a park bench, or in a parked car is my priority friends."

Bill Johnson, a former Navy officer and BP executive, supported such laws citing a need to protect against voter fraud. Johnson's concession speech didn't seem to indicate another run a political office.

"So again it's a difficult night. But listen, I'm gonna go back to work, find a job, and just be happy in the private sector. So thank you so much."

Grimes faces the task of increasing traditionally low voter turnout in her new position. Only around 28 percent of eligible voters participated in this election.