Greener Christmas

Murray, Ky. – During the holidays, Americans throw away a million extra tons of garbage each week. Jacque Day has this report on making the season a little greener.

Christmas mornings of days past picture it piles and piles of wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and gift bags. If all those paper products go in your trash, they end up in a landfill. Why not add recycling to your holiday plans? Wrap gifts with other gifts, like pillow cases or towels. Or, how about a gift in a basket? Save a little green by using last year's gift bags. And when it comes time to dispose of all that paper, recycle. Murray City council member and Make-A-Difference Day organizer Bill Wells reveals some startling numbers.

"In the City of Murray, every workday, Monday through Friday, we probably collect somewhere in the vicinity of 75 tons of 'garbage.' And I bet half of that's paper, and it could be recycled."

Wells says during the October Make-A-Difference day, the organization recycled 35 tons of paper. He urges residents to save that holiday paper and break down those boxes. The next Make-A-Difference Day is scheduled for January 9.