Green Trial Continues

Paducah, KY – An Army officer has testified that former soldier Steven Green told a superior that the rules of combat were unfair and that he wanted to shoot civilians. The testimony of Col. Todd Ebel came Tuesday in Paducah during the second day of Green's federal trial. The 23 year old has pleaded not guilty to more than a dozen charges, including sexual assault and four counts of murder. Ebel told jurors he spoke with Green for about 30 minutes in December 2005 about losing soldiers to enemy attacks. But he said Green's frustrations seemed normal for a soldier who had lost friends in combat and the statements did not cause him concern. Green could face the death penalty if convicted for the attack on an Iraqi family while deployed. He is being tried in civilian court because he had been discharged from the Army before charges were brought against him for the March 2006 rape and slayings.