Graves County Residents Seek Property Tax Increase for School System

Sep 4, 2013

Credit Graves County Schools logo

A group of Graves County residents are circulating a petition regarding raising property taxes by 18 percent that could help the county school system qualify for a state matching grant. Graves has western Kentucky's lowest property tax rate at 37.5 cents.

The petition calls for an October special election to lift that number to 44.4 cents. 

Graves County School Superintendent Kim Harrison says the Commonwealth’s nickel matching grant would be the difference between $9 million and $27 million in eligible bond project money.

"On the average tax payer, $3.22 more a month. I don’t like taxes, but I love our kids of Graves County more than that, and this is a very wise investment for the future of Graves County," she says.

Petitioners say they should get the required 1,215 signatures and they encourage all residents to sign and put the increase to a popular vote.