Graves Co. Schools Might Allow Homeschoolers to Participate in Elementary Sports

Jul 30, 2014

Credit Graves County Schools logo

The Graves County Board of Education is exploring the idea of allowing homeschooled elementary students to participate in extracurricular activities - including football - organized by the school district. Such a move would make Graves County one of only a handful of Kentucky school districts to allow participation from homeschoolers.

Board member Kevin Curtsinger said a committee created at last Thursday’s regular board meeting came about after the parents of homeschooled children petitioned the board to consider their children's participation.

“There’s a lot of factors that go into it," Curtsinger said. "Like insurance on the kids playing, and also they’re not a member of our system, so that also makes it a tough decision.”

Curtsinger says only five Kentucky school districts currently allow homeschooled elementary students to participate in school-organized activities. Homeschooled students' participation in district sports beyond the elementary level is not allowed in the state.