Grand Rivers Receives Federal Grants and Loans for New Wastewater Treatment Plant

Apr 22, 2013

U.S. Department of Agriculture loans and grants will help replace the troubled Grand Rivers wastewater treatment plant. The USDA’s Acting Administrator of the Rural Utilities Service, John Padalino  said the $6-million allow for a new treatment plant and modified pump station. Grand Rivers Mayor Tom Moodie has said the current plant is underpowered and fails often.  Padalino said environmental impact studies have been completed to allow the project to move forward.

“We want to make sure this complies with environmental laws, that this project can built according to plan and that it can be built on time and within budget and that the community, to the extent that they have a loan, is able to repay the loan, Padalino said”

Padalino said the federal government provides these loans because it wouldn’t be a profitable venture for a private company. Padalino said the interest rate on the $3.6-million in loans will be around 2 percent, the remaining $2.4-million are federal grants. Grand Rivers Mayor Tom Moodie wasn’t available for comment.