Gov. Beshear Vetoes Part of Tobacco Settlement Bill

Apr 7, 2015

Gov. Steve Beshear has vetoed part of a bill that appropriates money from Kentucky’s latest settlement with tobacco companies. 

The bill had set aside money to fill a funding shortfall for agriculture, lung cancer research and early childhood programs. 
The governor deleted the line that would have appropriated $26.6 million, saying that the shortfall has grown to $37 million. 
The bill called for automatic budget cuts for the programs if the deficit grew. The veto allows them to be eventually fully funded. 
Sponsors of the bill, including Republican Senator Paul Hornback, say they agree with Beshear’s decision. 

“He’s discussed the settlement with me," said Hornback. "He only vetoed the parts of the bill that needed to be vetoed. He didn’t veto anything else and I don’t have any problem with what he’s doing,” 

Beshear is expected to fill the shortfall with money that hasn’t yet been appropriated from the additional settlement.