GOP Leaders Warn Against Wine-in-Supermarket Revival

Supporters of allowing wine to be sold in grocery stores are holding out hope that it could still happen this year. But leaders of the Tennessee House say don’t hold your breath.

A deal on wine in supermarkets is still working its way through the state Senate, but the House has been silent since a narrow committee vote killed the bill two weeks ago.

While there have been calls for the panel to reconsider, House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick said it would be bad precedent.

“Every time somebody loses a close vote in a committee, they’re going to want to bring it back up if we start doing this,” he said.

McCormick said reconsidering a vote should only be done in “extenuating circumstances,” and added that where wine could be sold is not one.

House Speaker Beth Harwell – who has been pushing for expanded wine sales – said proponents should come back next year.

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