GOP Falls Short in Bid to Take Control of State House

Nov 7, 2012


Kentucky Republicans have fallen well short of their goal of winning 10 seats and taking control of the state House.

Overall, it was a great night for Kentucky Republicans, who narrowed their minority in the House. And even though they remain the minority, GOP spokesman Joe Burgan says his party has reason to celebrate. He says,

“And I think that when you factor in that we were outspent anywhere from 3 to 1 to 4 to 1 in some of these races, it says quite a bit about how fed up Kentuckians are with 91 years of Democrats in the state House.”

But Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway says the fact that his party is still in control of the chamber is a testament to House Speaker Greg Stumbo. He says,

“It looks like the state House numbers are going to be pretty good for Democrats and the Republicans were crowing about it, crowing about it, crowing about it and from what I see right now it looks like their crowing was premature.”

Overall, Republicans are looking at a likely net pickup of four seats, however the party is likely to ask for a recanvass in a few close races to try and increase that number.