Good Read: Little Bee by Chris Cleave

Jun 21, 2012

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Product Description:

We don’t want to tell you too much about this book. It is a truly special story and we don’t want to spoil it. Nevertheless, you need to know something, so we will just say this: It is extremely funny, but the African beach scene is horrific. The story starts there, but the book doesn’t. And it’s what happens afterward that is most important. Once you have read it, you’ll want to tell everyone about it. When you do, please don’t tell them what happens either. The magic is in how it unfolds.

Angela Hatton says:

“To make a cliché like, ‘one moment changes everything’ work, you have to be a good writer, and Chris Cleave is one. Little Bee is about the dissonance, and surprising harmony, between the commercialized world and the third world. Cleave takes hold of his readers, always keeping a focus on the emotion of his characters, even as he deftly tackles war, genocide, and illegal immigration.”