Good Read: Leavings by Wendell Berry

Jun 21, 2012

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Product Description:
No one writes like Wendell Berry. Whether essay, novel, story, or poem, his inimitable voice rings true, as natural as the land he has farmed in Kentucky for over 40 years. Following the widely praised Given, this new collection offers a masterful blend of epigrams, elegies, lyrics, and letters, with the occasional short love poem. Alternately amused, outraged, and resigned, Berry’s welcome voice is the constant in this varied mix. The book concludes with a new sequence of Sabbath poems, works that have spawned from Berry’s Sunday morning walks of meditation and observation. As he has borne witness to the world for eight decades, what he offers us now in this new collection of poems is of incomparable value.

Bec Feldhaus says:
“Perhaps this is biased, because I’ve never read something by Wendell Berry that I didn’t like, but Berry’s collection titled Leavings astounds me. This collection is made up of shorter poems for the most part, but retains the depth apparent in his longer works. Berry deals with the evolution of a globalized and technologically-based world and how that detracts from personal contact and, at times, moral integrity. Even if you only read one poem out of the entire collection, Berry’s voice is clear and thoughtful leaving you with something to consider.”