Good Read: Invisible Sisters by Jessica Handler

Jun 26, 2012

Product Description:

Invisible Sisters is Handler’s powerfully told story of coming of age—as the daughter of progressive Jewish parents who move south to participate in the social-justice movement of the 1960s; as a healthy sister living in the shadow of her siblings’ illness; and as a young woman struggling to step out of the shadow of her sisters’ deaths, to find and redefine herself anew. With keen-eyed sensitivity, Handler’s brave account explores family love and loss, and what it takes not just to survive, but to keep living.

Jacque Day says:

“To write about grief and loss with the kind of raw wit and dignified posture Jessica Handler delivers in her memoir Invisible Sisters requires a delicate balance. Yet Handler’s chronicle of the loss of not one, but two sisters to congenital blood disorders—illnesses so diametrically opposed that for the cases to occur among siblings proved a stumping point to doctors—comes with such veracity that I hardly put the book down from first page to last. The Handler family story reminded me that I have permission to know grief for what it is—a phase in the experience of love.”

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