Good Read: Dodger by Terry Pratchett

Apr 18, 2013

We continue our occasional series previewing good reads for young adults from Katherine Farmer, Coordinator of the Racers Children's Preview Collection at Murray State University. This week's recommended read is Dodger, by Terry Pratchett, a 2013 Printz Honor recipient for young adults that The New York Times describes as "a masterwork from a treasure and hero of a writer... that will delight you."

When you witness someone in trouble, are you someone who just stands by and watches or are you willing to step up and try to put stop to the injustice?

This is one question that you will never have to ask about seventeen year old Dodger, the main character in the 2013 Printz Honor book Dodger by Terry Pratchett. One night in the streets of 17th century London, Dodger see a young woman being pursued and assaulted by two men. Dodger quickly comes to her assistance and rescues her from her attackers. Knowing that she is in an unknown danger, he, with the assistance of two witnesses, takes on the task of searching for information on her past and the men who pursued her. In his pursuit of answers, he stops a robbery attempt and causes the capture of a murderous barber Sweeny Todd. When the young woman, who they call Simplicity recovers, Dodger and his allies discover that her fairy tale wedding to a German prince was frown upon by his family, and his family want all traces of the wedding erased, and unfortunately her husband is not standing in their way. After discovering the deaths of the vicar and two witnesses, Dodger knows that he must protect the young woman at all costs.

To discover more about Dodger’s quest to save the damsel in distress, his encounters with well-known figures of literature and history such as Charles Dickens and Sweeney Todd, and a little bit of romance, read 2013 Printz Honor book Dodger by Terry Pratchett.

Katherine Farmer is the Coordinator of the Racers Children's Preview Collection at Murray State University.