Gentry House Plans to Close Next Year, But Will Discuss Suggested Funding Options

Dec 10, 2013

A Murray non-profit that provides housing for homeless families with children plans to close January 31.

Gentry House board members met with Murray’s Human Rights Commission Monday to discuss funding options that could keep the housing non-profit open. Volunteer director and board member Melinda Johnson says the meeting was an opportunity to clarify the difficulties it’s facing.

“Our funding has dried up,” she says. “Grants that we could apply for those grants are no longer being funded. It’s trickling down. State funding is just not available to help us. The city and county have stepped up. They each have provide us $5,000 a year, but that just doesn’t cover all the cost associated with running four units, keeping up maintenance and keeping someone staffed in here part time.”

Johnson says the board will discuss the HRC’s suggestions to see if it could stay open until the city’s next budgeting process begins at its next meeting Thursday.