General Assembly winding down

Frankfort, KY – The 2010 session of the Kentucky General Assembly is entering its tenth week, with three weeks to go. Still awaiting final action is a bill requiring ignition interlock systems on the vehicles of convicted drunken drivers. The bill unanimously cleared the House in mid-February, and its sponsor, Rep. Dennis Keene of Wilder, remains optimistic about its chances.

"Sen. Buford has agreed to carry it over in the Senate. He's chairman of Banking and Insurance. He's very passionate about this. So, the momentum's starting to build. And MADD in Washington, DC's making some calls. The local Kentucky people are making some calls. There's possibly gonna be a press conference with some of the victims."

Other bills still awaiting final action include Amanda's Bill on domestic violence, a measure raising the state's drop out age to 18, a felon voting rights bill and legislation addressing the growing problem of "sexting," or the use of cell phones by minors to send nude photos and videos of themselves to others.