Gay Marriage is the Discussion Topic on Kentucky Tonight

Jun 12, 2012

The head of the Family Foundation of Kentucky says re-defining marriage in the United States would be a ‘tragedy.’  Kent Ostrander joined a discussion on gay marriage on KET’s Kentucky Tonight. He says he believes society benefits from traditional marriages.

“When you look at culture…family is the building block of any culture and marriage is the foundation of family…and when you see strong healthy families you see strong healthy cultures, healthy nations,” says Ostrander.

Kentucky’s Fairness Campaign Director Chris Hartman also joined the discussion. He believes same gender couples can create loving, strong structural family units.  Hartman says it’s good for children who desperately need loving adoptive parents. 

Louisville’s Douglas Boulevard Christian Church has ended the practice of assigning marriage licenses. Pastor Derrick Penwell says the congregation made the decision because it gives legal benefits to heterosexuals not available to homosexuals. Penwell also joined the talk. 

“We just wanted to be able to say…look people in the eye in our congregation and say when we talk about justice and equality and love Christ’s extension of grace to all that we actually mean all,” says Penwell.

Hershael York of Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort disagrees with that stance. He says “family began when God instituted marriage himself.” York says pro-creation is the basis of the marriage of men and women. You can hear the full broadcast of Kentucky Tonight on WKMS, every Tuesday at noon.