Gambling efforts roll on

Frankfort, KY – Efforts continue in Frankfort to get expanding gambling legislation through the Kentucky General Assembly. Richmond Rep. Harry Moberly's trying to build support for his bill allowing electronic games of skill at horse tracks.

"It's not slots, because it's electronic games of skill, which are not chance games. They're not games that depend on chance, primarily. They're primarily skill games, which are like video games. And I would think would be less objectionable as gambling because you have a certain payout. The bill requires 83%, so you couldn't lose a lot of money."

At the other end of the Capitol, Georgetown Sen. Damon Thayer is still tweaking his constitutional amendment on expanded gambling at horse tracks. But both men are running out of time. Only 18 days remain in the 2010 session, and lawmakers still need to pass a new biennial state budget.