Galbraith @ Fancy Farm

Tony McVeigh

Fancy Farm, KY – The next Kentucky governor's race isn't until 2011, but Lexington's Gatewood Galbraith is already campaigning. Galbraith spoke with Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh at Saturday's 129th Fancy Farm Picnic.

This will be Gatewood Galbraith's fifth run for the governor's office. He's never gotten more than 16-percent of the vote, but that's not dampening his enthusiasm. "We're campaigning against Kentucky's electile dysfunction lasting longer than four years."

Is it time to license and tax marijuana? "There's no doubt that California's going to tax it as a crop. The question is, is Kentucky going to be the second state or the 50th state to do it."

Another candidate who will be in the 2011 governor's race was also shaking hands at the picnic. Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson will be Gov. Steve Beshear's running mate. Beshear skipped the picnic so he could vacation with his family in Florida.