Futurist Explains Concern Over Kentucky Legislative Issues

Feb 18, 2014

Ivan Potter at WKMS
Planner and futurist Ivan Potter worries about the impact on Western Kentucky of certain 2014 KY General Assembly bills, including those involving eminent domain, the public service commission, the budget and nuclear waste. He discusses the Kentucky political outlook with Kate Lochte on Sounds Good.


"They're going to try to find a new site for nuclear waste, and right now, the only one that's an option is Paducah, KY. They claim they're used to nuclear waste already...the principle people are trying to secure the national rights to dump all, I think New Mexico's--maybe even all international--nuclear waste in west McCracken County. All I can think of is why would you want to encourage waste that is never going to go away, has a chance to seep into the water supply, could actually kill people?... It won't create jobs, but it'll make someone a lot of money because they can dump it in West Kentucky."

Clinton's West Kentucky Journal publisher Ivan Potter is also a Partner & Vice President of Research & Planning for Commonwealth Business Development, LL in Louisville. He's a professional futurist whose career includes service in the administrations of four Kentucky governors from Louie B. Nunn through John Y. Brown, as well as service developing national rural development policy under President Carter.  See more at westkyjournal.com.