Front Page Sunday 8/12/12

Aug 13, 2012

For many, retirement is something they think they’ll never be able to do.  Buddy Hall has played professional pool for more than five decades, winning world championships and a place in pool’s Hall of Fame.  And even though the Metropolis, Illinois native, has slowed down a bit, retirement isn’t something he wants to do.  We’ll find out more about Hall’s career, and his love of the game, on Front Page Sunday from WKMS News. 

Also... Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is slated to speak at this year’s GOP convention, and rumors are swirling about his political future.  We’ll hear from the Commonwealth’s junior senator about those rumors today, and look into how the Panama Canal’s expansion could affect Paducah’s river industry.  Those stories, along with an update on Kentucky’s Ark Park, on this week's show.

(1.) RAND PAUL 2-WAY -- Kentucky’s Junior Senator Rand Paul didn’t speak at last weekend’s Fancy Farm Picnic, but that didn’t stop him from making headlines this past week. Paul has been invited to speak at this year’s Republican National Convention he’s also been rumored to be a potential VP running mate for presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney.  Paul sheds some light on those rumors and discusses his selection for the RNC in an interview with Kentucky Public Radio’s Kevin Willis. 

(2.) MARK SHEPPARD 2-WAY -- The Panama Canal expansion project promises to increase river traffic in our region, but to service those ships, area ports will need to invest money to make the changes necessary to accommodate large ships.  The Alabama Port Authority has made some of those investments in Mobile.  Vice President of trade and development for the port authority Mark Sheppard spoke to Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce members as a follow-up to a Transportation Summit the Chamber held in May 2011. Chamber President Elaine Spalding said ports in Mobile and Paducah must coordinate to handle larger vessels that could arrive from the expanded Panama Canal or from other locations. Casey Northcutt sat down with Sheppard after the event to add some details to this big project.

(3.) 2012 HUMANE SOCIETY HAIRCUTTING FUNDRAISER -- What if you could get a haircut for twenty dollars – every penny of which goes to the Humane Society of Calloway County.  And what if that haircut was from master hairstylist, and animal lover, Patrick Lomantini of Wichita, Kansas.  Well, you can.  Lomantini’s in his second year of doing 50 haircuts in 50 states in 50 days and he’s made Murray his Kentucky stop.  Humane Society Executive Director Kathy Hodge tells Kate Lochte all about it. 

(4.) ARK PARK 2-WAY -- The Ark Encounter theme park or what many people are calling the Ark Park is a planned theme park in northern Kentucky that’s been plagued by fundraising difficulties and construction delays.  Kentucky Public Radio’s Gabe Bullard speaks with Louisville’s LEO Weekly reporter Joe Sonka, who’s been reporting on the situation surrounding the park. 

(5.) MADISONVILLE LIBRARY UPDATE -- The Hopkins County-Madisonville Public Library has been beset with difficulty specifically regarding a physical location.  Currently the library is housed in its third location since a project to renovate the original downtown Dulin building started three years ago. The library was most recently located in Madisonville’s mall, but a new shoe store is moving into that area. The library has another space in the mall until the end of this year, and now the renovation project on the downtown Dulin building has hit a snag. Rose Krzton-Presson spoke with Library Board Director Marcella Davis to get this update on what library officials are doing to maintain normal library services as well as find a permanent location for the library. 

(6.) BEITING OBIT -- The Roman Catholic missionary who founded the Christian Appalachian Project passed away early this past Thursday.  Since World War Two, Monsignor Ralph Beiting served the people of eastern Kentucky through a series of social service programs.  Kentucky Public Radio’s Charles Compton knew Monsignor Beiting, and brings us this appreciation.

(7.) BUDDY HALL -- Growing up in Metropolis, Illinois, all Buddy Hall ever wanted to do was play pool.  He got his wish; Hall was a pool professional for more than fifty years.  He’s the winner of 67 majors, 13 world titles, a five-time player of the year, and a member of three halls of fame, including the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame.  These days, he’s retired, or at least, semi-retired.  He has slowed down, but says he just can’t keep away.  Angela Hatton caught up with Hall at a tournament in Murray. 

(8.) ROB MILLARD-MENDEZ AT THE YEISER -- Paducah’s Yeiser Art Center opens a solo exhibition of Southern Indiana artist Rob Millard-Mendez later this month. Much of the sculpture in his show harkens back to his youth onboard his father’s fishing boat in Massachusetts.  Millard-Mendez blends a wry sense of humor with an unusual amount of depth in his work. Drew Adams speaks with Mendez about his work and sense of humor.

(9.) YOUTH REPORT: MURRAY ART GUILD -- Just in case your kids don’t have their extra-curricular activities mapped out for this fall, the Murray Art Guild is offering arts classes year-round for young people.  WKMS Youth Reporter Austin Cobb attended some this summer, and brings us this report.