Front Page Sunday 4/15/12

Apr 15, 2012

Budget cuts are common conversation topics at the state and federal level. Those cuts are now trickling down to have local impact like at Land Between the Lakes . LBL officials are looking to you for ideas on how to manage that cut, today on Front Page Sunday from WKMS News. 

(1.) LBL CUTS –- National Park budgets across the country are getting hit hard by federal funding cuts, and Land Between the Lakes is no exception. LBL officials are holding a series of public meetings to get ideas on how to spend the park’s limited resources. Shelly Baskin spoke with LBL Area Supervisor Bill Lisowski to find out what insight they expect to gain from the meetings. 

(2.) PADUCAH FAIR HOUSING -- In Paducah  the Human Rights Commission there paid tribute to fair housing practices in the area by honoring Habitat for Humanity and the Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center on Thursday.  Casey Northcutt  provides a quick update on the efforts in Paducah to build homes for low-income families. 

(3.) BLUE RIBBON TAX REFORM COMMISSION 2-WAY –- Early last month, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform held its first meeting to begin the process of addressing a long-discussed issue in the Commonwealth.  They’ll wrap up their workshops early next month and begin a series of public meetings around the state with a session in Paducah in late May.  Tax reform is a complex and contentious set of issues, and to get some perspective on how the commission will navigate those issues, I sat down with one of its members, CSI Chairman and former board chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis, John Williams, Senior.

4.) RICHARD THIEME ON INTERACTING WITH TECHNOLOGY -- In a world of ever growing technology and global interconnectivity, privacy and security are increasingly rare commodities. Richard Thieme is an author and lecturer who addresses the challenges posed by new technologies, including personal, and even spiritual transformations people undergo as they adapt to a new world. He spoke this week at a technology summit at Murray State University. Gary Pitts sat down with him to talk about the dangers interacting with technology, and how to meet those challenges.

(5.) A SEPARATION @ MA -- Playing at Paducah’s Maiden Alley Cinema this week is the Iranian film that won this year’s Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, A Separation. The drama focuses on a middle class married couple who reluctantly separate and the conflicts that arise when the husband hires a lower class caretaker for his elderly father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease.  The film is in Persian with subtitles, but don’t let that deter you.  Maiden Alley’s Larry Thomas and I talk about how the plot and the performances overcome the language barrier. 

(6.) FANTASTIC FIBERS -– Recently the Yeiser Art Center opened a competitive exhibition featuring not a drop of paint. The artists’ works deal in the tactile, pliable and stitchable. Fantastic Fibers welcomes the work of non-traditional artists from around the globe.  In preparation for the exhibition, WKMS' Drew Adams spoke to Lora Rocke, a former winner of Fantastic Fibers and a contributing artist this year. When Lora isn’t in her Nebraska studio, she spends her time creating quilts, teaching workshops and lecturing across the country. She creates vibrant and complex quilts with a time intensive technique she best describes as “painting with thread”. The artist takes some time from her schedule to speak of her medium, method and a unique source of inspiration. 

(7.) JOE PUG -- It's only been four years since singer/songwriter Joe Pug quit his day job to focus on music full time.  However, the Maryland native and Austin resident has already garnered comparisons to musicians like REM, Iron & Wine, John Prine, and Bob Dylan.  The former carpenter and recent South By Southwest artist is the next performer for Murray State’s Lovett Live Series. Beyond the Edge Host Tracy Ross and Lovett Live Host Matt Parker speak with Pug about his creative process, the inevitable comparisons to Bob Dylan, and his latest album,  “The Great Despiser”.