Front Page Sunday 4/1/12

Apr 2, 2012

A Kentucky car salesman spends his days selling cars, but on the weekend BYTE He’s winning major opera competitions. Could a Toyota car salesman from Elizabethtown be the next Annett Benning? We’ll ask that question on Front Page Sunday from WKMS News.

{A} (1.) DR. DUNN – This week it is our Monthly Conversation with Murray State President Dr. Randy Dunn. Since the last time we talked the MSU Board of Regents voted down a library project that would have used student fees to finance a new library. The board cited planned cuts in state appropriations and an increase in student tuition as a few of a number of reasons to nix the plan. Dr. Dunn joins me to talk about that how the state budget outlook could halt any major planned construction for some time. 

{B} (2.) DR. DUNN SEG 2 – In this segment with Dr. Dunn we hear his take on renegotiating Racer Basketball coach Steve Prohm’s contract. Dr. Dunn also explains the reasoning behind building a basketball practice facility. Plus the future of MSU’s presidential lecture series after the Student Government Association pulled its resources from the program. And how the MSU community responded to a student suicide on campus. 

(3.) GMO IN BOURBON -- Nearly 90 percent of the corn in this country is genetically-modified. And as using genetically-modified—or GM—corn becomes increasingly popular in everyday foods, more people are becoming concerned about potential ill effects on human health and the environment.  As Kentucky Public Radio’s Erica Peterson reports, besides being used in food, that corn is also finding its way into Kentucky’s signature spirit: bourbon. 

(4.) UNHEALTHY EATING WITH ACTIVE KIDS -- The average adult American is ballooning in weight. This isn’t breaking news. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Kentucky possessed a 31 percent obesity rate in 2010, one of the highest in the nation. Naturally, kids are following suit. The nation needs a diet. However, when families strategize ways in which to fight the obesity epidemic, is more activity a key or a curse? Casey Northcutt reports. 

(5.) COLSTON ON THE CAPITOL –- This week, Kentucky’s legislature did something it hasn’t done in quite some time. That’s agreeing to a state budget without the need of a special session.   Kentucky Public Radio Capitol Bureau Chief Kenny Colston speaks with Rick Howlett about what else happened this past week in Frankfort. 

(6.) OPERA STAR CAR SALESMAN- Many Kentuckians are laser focused on March Madness, but last weekend while UK and U of L were advancing to the final four, another major national competition took place in New York City where a Kentucky car salesman   made a name for himself in the highly selective Opera scene. Anthony Clark Evans is one of five 2012 National Council Audition winners. Rebecca Feldhaus has more.