Front Page Sunday 3-18

Mar 18, 2012

(1.) WHEN GEN. GRANT EXPELLED THE JEWS 2-WAY -- Conflict and uncertainty can make life difficult for minorities in the United States.  As we’ve seen, events of the last decade have led some to be suspicious of American Moslems.  This isn’t new in our history.  During the U.S. Civil War, it was Jewish Americans who came under suspicion.  Adding to existing prejudices were broad accusations of trading with Confederates and undermining the Union.  Things came to a head in December 1862 when U.S. Major General, and future President, Ulysses S. Grant issued General Order Number 11 expelling all Jews from areas under his command, including western Kentucky.  But, thanks largely to a Paducah shopkeeper, it was rescinded soon after.  How the order came to be, how it was revoked, and how it strengthened both Grant and the American Jewish community is the subject of a new book by Dr. Jonathan Sarna titled When General Grant Expelled the Jews and he joins us on the line from his office at Brandeis University.

(2.) THE BUSINESS OF UK BASKETBALL -- March is a big month for college basketball, and with Kentucky teams making a splash in the NCAA tournament, fans in the Commonwealth have a lot to cheer about. Lexington is known for its die-hard love of the Wildcats, and that devotion extends to businesses as well. Kentucky Public Radio’s Brenna Angel reports on how some local businesses are showing, and benefiting from, their school spirit.

(3.) COLSTON ON THE CAPITOL–- Lawmakers in Frankfort have been hard at work over the past week in the Kentucky General Assembly.  A proposed state-wide indoor smoking ban cleared its first legislative hurdle and the senate has passed four constitutional amendments.  Kentucky Public Radio Capitol Bureau Chief Kenny Colston gives Rick Howlett the latest on what’s happening in Frankfort.

(4.) WEST KY WIB 2W -- For the past 14 years, the non-profit West Kentucky Workforce Investment Board has worked with the unemployed in our region to provide resources for those looking for new jobs. The WKWIB released a draft of their economic development plan for the next year this week. Shelly Baskin spoke with the board’s local director Shelia Clark about the W-I-B’s goals and their plan to meet them.

(5.) JOURNEY STORIES - MARTIN TRACY -- In our next story, Murray resident Martin Tracy remembers his Grandmother.  It’s inspired by the Smithsonian Institution exhibition Journey Stories which concluded its stay at Murray State’s Wrather West Kentucky Museum earlier this month.

(6.) W KY HOMELESS –- Paducah’s homeless population has seen several changes in the past few months. The long-standing community Tent City was closed in December and now the residents are finding new places until a permanent shelter is opened in the city. Rose Krzton-Presson explores how homelessness in the more rural parts of Kentucky provides unique challenges and opportunities to those who find themselves without a roof over their head.