Front Page PM 4/6

Apr 6, 2012

(1.) STAND YOUR GROUND LAW: The so called “stand your ground” law cited in the media recently as justification for the killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin is under scrutiny now.  Kentucky has a similar law. The law indicates a person can use deadly force against someone  threatening their life. Commonwealth Attorney Mark Blankenship's help shed more light on this law in Kentucky.

(2.) ABA PRESIDENT: American Bar Association President Bill Robinson was in Murray Monday as part of Murray State’s Harry Lee Waterfield Lecture series. Robinson touched on an issue facing many states in today’s tough economic climate: finding the money to fund state courts when the money just isn’t in the budget. Shelly Baskin spoke with Robinson about court funding and what the ABA is trying to do about it.

(3.) KENNY COLSTON ––Kentucky’s lawmakers were in veto recess this week, where the Governor looks over proposed legislation and signs or vetos. Kentucky Public Radio’s Capitol Bureau Chief Kenny Colston speak with Rick Howlett about what happens during the recess week and what’s ahead for the state budget.

(4.) MSU RIFLE FUNDRAISING– While Murray State’s men’s basketball receives national media attention, large budgets and large donations, other sports like  the Murray State rifle team spend more time under the media radar. But, as Drew Adams reports  it hasn’t stopped two former riflemen from raising a staggering amount of money in just two months.