'Friends' of Hopkinsville-Christian Co. Library Raising Awareness Over Lack of Library Funding

Apr 19, 2017


A Hopkinsville-Christian County Library support group is raising awareness over a lack of funding for the library.

The ‘Friends of the Library’ formed last summer after the Hopkinsville chapter of The Kentucky League of Women Voters discussed with local officials why the library is not supported as well as others in the commonwealth. The Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives says the HCCL receives about a fourth of the average per-capita funding for a public library.

‘Friends’ board member Martha White says HCCL is not funded through a property tax like most others in the state.

“The city and the county just give the library whatever they're able to manage to give in any given year and a library tax was not established early on so the library survives at the will of the city and the county.”

The 'Friends of the Library' began fundraising efforts during Black History Month and Women’s History Month. The group consists of citizens interested in securing funding for services including homework help, career assistance and a Maker’s space.

The Hopkinsville-Christian County Library Board of Trustees submitted a five-year plan this year to the city and county seeking additional funds to make aesthetic improvements, offer competitive wages, increase operational hours and collaborate with schools.