Freshman Lawmaker Calls First Session in Frankfort "A Learning Experience"

Mar 16, 2015

Sen Danny Carroll (R-Paducah)
Credit LRC Public Information

First term state Senator Danny Carrol says the current 30 day session of the Kentucky General Assembly has been a learning experience. 

Carrol, the president of Easter Seals West Kentucky says, in business, decisions tend to be black or white.  He says he’s quickly learning that in the legislative process, there are a lot of gray areas.

"And I've already had an incidence where you get two bills combined like that and one of them you're very supportive of, the other one, you know, you're really not supportive of, and it just kind of puts you in a bind on which one is the most important in trying to balance that out," said Carroll. 

Carrol took over the seat held for years by the senate's only independent, Bob Leeper.  Carrol says he wishes more issues would make it to the floor.

"In my naïve view, I would like to see everything of importance come to the floor for a vote and I think that's what people send us up here to do," said Carrol. "I think there's one thing worse than voting against a bill that somebody wants and that's not voting on it at all."

Carrol believes it's easy to criticize what goes on in the legislature as a citizen. But after his short time in the Senate, he says it's challenging to try to anticipate the effect laws will have on the future.