Free Smoking Cessation Supplies Being Offered to Owensboro Residents

Sep 19, 2017

Credit nito500, 123RF Stock Photo

A new program is aimed at making it easier for Owensboro residents to quit smoking. The plan will provide nicotine supplies for free to those interested.

The Green River District Health Department is in charge of the program and is responsible for giving out supplies. The Messenger-Inquirer reports up to eight weeks of nicotine patches, gum or lozenges will be given to those who sign up for the smoking cessation program through the website Quit Now Kentucky.

The plan includes five weeks of counseling with a cessation coach. The program is offered to anyone in Daviess, Hancock, Henderson, McLean, Ohio, Union and Webster counties. The effort is funded through a grant from Owensboro Health. Supplies will be provided until funding runs out. Enrollment began earlier this month.