Fourth of July Fireworks Concerns

Jul 2, 2012

As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, forestry officials warn fireworks celebrations could cause fires. 

Drought conditions have made western Kentucky prone to wildfires. Over half of Kentucky’s counties have issued burn bans, and some specifically outlaw amateur fireworks displays. Lynn True is Kentucky Division of Forestry public information officer.

“Our hope with the division of forestry is that the public is starting to get the idea that it’s extremely dry out. Any type of activity, whether it’s a campfire or fireworks, anything that’s going to create a spark, could end up creating or create a wildfire," said True.

She said Kentuckians should contact their local judge-executive’s office to find out if fireworks are allowed. People should also take precautions by soaking the ground around the fireworks and keeping a fire extinguisher or hose handy, said True.