Former Murray Banker Joins National Board of Directors of Diabetes Research Institute Foundation

Nov 29, 2012

Harold Doran

In 1994 the surprising diagnosis that their two-year old son Will had type -1 diabetes drew Harold and Kelly Doran of Murray to the Diabetes Research Institute. Harold Doran joined the Institute’s National Board of Directors in 2005 and was appointed its chair last year. Doran tells Kate Lochte how a surprising diagnosis in 1994 led his family to the Institute and their support for it.

Harold Doran of Murray serves as Chair of the National Board of Directors of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation.  The Institute’s website,, describes its principle focus on the biological replacement of insulin function to restore blood sugar control. The institute was one of the first centers to pursue transplantation of the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, and its scientific director invented the system that makes this procedure possible.