Former Klan Leader Claims His Innocence

Dawson Springs, KY – A former Ku Klux Klan leader says that he was not behind a violent beating of a teenager three years ago at a county fair. Ron Edwards once headed the Imperial Klans of America headquartered in Dawson Springs. Edwards has asked the Kentucky Court of Appeals to overturn a 2008 Meade County court judgment that found he was associated with the incident. The original suit stemmed from a 2006 incident at the Meade County Fair. Two I.K.A. members taunted and attacked a teenager of Panamanian descent. The attackers were both charged with second-degree assault and sentenced to three years in prison. In November, the jury awarded the victim 1.5 million dollars. The jury ordered Edwards to pay one million dollars in punitive damages. Edwards believes the jury is prejudice towards him based on his beliefs.