First District House Candidates: Lawrence and Rudy

Aug 9, 2010

Fancy Farm, KY – The 130th annual Fancy Farm Picnic political stumping finished this year with speeches from Kentucky First District House candidate Mike Lawrence and incumbent Steve Rudy. Democratic candidate Lawrence spoke first saying he would bring the
change his opponent promised six years ago when he took office. Lawrence criticized Rudy as another lawmaker who wasn't doing his job.

"His second term, again he was asked why didn't he introduce or pass any legislation," Lawrence says. "His excuse this time, There is just too many laws.'"

Rudy took the stage for only one-third of his allotted speaking time, saying he didn't want to keep the crowd from air conditioning and barbecue. He touted his history of cutting tax, eliminating wasteful spending and his conservative record.

"I'm an advocate for life, traditional family and the second amendment," Rudy says. "I humbly ask for you continued support and I thank you all so much."

Rudy is running for his fourth term as First District Representative. This would be Lawrence's first term.